Choose Your Broker

“A lot of people don’t understand what’s in their insurance policy until they need to know it – and then it’s too late. Having an understanding of your policy – knowing what coverage you have – is key… This is not a task to give to your least qualified employee to handle, but rather just the opposite.”
Mike Nichols
VP, National Business Aviation Association

Choose an insurance broker that can speak your language and understands your business. You want a broker that not only has advanced insurance training but also one that has experience in all aspects of aviation.

Hire the Right People

A good aviation insurance broker will provide insurance as a service that supports your operation and not just sell you a low-cost policy that does not consider the complexities involved in airborne operations.


Would you pick an eye surgeon based on his exam results and theoretical knowledge? Of course you wouldn’t. You want a broker that has the hindsight of the insured and the operational experience to truly understand your business and insure it appropriately.


There are 12990 registered aircraft in South Africa and approximately 12 significant Aviation Insurance Brokers that provides relationship based personalised aviation insurance solutions based on a standard risk assessment. Modern Aviation Insurance products provides solutions for all operational profiles and your Broker need to understand your actual risks to provide you with the best prepared policy.

Our Service

Kuda Aviation will provide you with a product based on a comprehensive risk assessment and insure your operations at the best underwriter with the most competitive premium as an end to end service. We are aligned with significant underwriters on the London market as well as the biggest South African underwriters