Who We Are

passion, professionalism and service excellence

Kuda Aviation Pledge

  • Kuda Aviation manages the customer’s daily aircraft insurance requirements – not just writing the policy and annual renewal reminders.
  • Kuda Aviation deals closely with its stakeholders in providing the best insurance cover needed at the best rate.
  • Kuda Aviation provides insurance policies that meet international standards and considers the client’s individuality in operations.
  • Kuda Aviation provides comprehensive aircraft insurance options that meet the client’s existing needs and future insurance conditions.
  • Kuda Aviation provides a productive approach that guarantees clients can benefit from new insurance options.
  • Kuda Aviation will regularly advise on pricing levels and appreciation into insurance transformations.
  • Kuda Aviation upholds an open association between the client, broker and underwriter.
  • Kuda Aviation provides a range of insurance provisions that encompasses to all aspects of aviation.
  • Kuda Aviation commits to 24-hour access to instant telephonic consultation on aviation and aircraft insurance.

Kuda’s History

Kuda was established in 2008 as a specialist race horse underwriter. After achieving great success in this industry the offering was soon extended to include equestrian horses, short term personal & commercial insurance and now, aviation. Kuda is locally underwritten by Infiniti Insurance Limited. Re-Insurance is obtained from a variety of syndicates within Lloyds of London which ensures access to significant capacity and enhances Kuda’s ability to underwrite high valued animals. The structure gives Kuda the flexibility to satisfy local needs whilst the Lloyds arrangement ensures the appetite to take on big individual risks. The structure allows Kuda to be innovative within the industry whilst ensuring that there is a big focus on risk management.
Kuda recently extended their product offering to include Game, they firmly belie that the experience and factors which made them successful in the horse industry in South Africa can be applied in achieving success in this fast growing industry.
Infiniti Insurance is A-(ZA) GCR rated and a niche short-term insurer focused on long-term partnerships with specialist insurance entrepreneurs and independent brokers. Infiniti commenced business in 2005 with a limited licence enabling it to write motor, miscellaneous and personal accident business, and then in 2007 applied for and was granted a full license to write all classes of business. Infiniti positions itself as a specialist niched insurer – and writes everything from aviation, marine and watercraft to blood stock and everything in between – and now with the recently acquired Legal Sense, it offers commercial legal protection too. Infiniti prides itself on its model of strong partnership philosophy, providing an unparalleled level of service to its clients. Its specialist underwriters and broker partners enjoy the exceptionally high levels of technical expertise, assistance with risk management and the flexibility to manage their business effectively. Infiniti are very particular about the partners they choose – and have currently 17 brokers and 15 specialist underwriters.

Kuda Holdings (Pty) Ltd is an authorised Financial Services Provider, (licence number 26/10/38382), underwritten by Infiniti Insurance Ltd.